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Handcrafted by Ashley Brown Durand in w.Massachusetts. 

I have a soft spot for all things old and historic, especially when it comes to textiles and the handcrafts of women from the late 1800's and early 1900's. When I'm not creating something new, I'm probably rummaging through thrift shops, antique stores, and flea markets, and pouring over books about historic quilts or the Woman's Suffrage Movement. Though I love nature and being outside, I would much prefer to visit a history museum than go for a hike.

I learned to quilt at a young age, a labor of love that has been passed down by the women in my family for generations. I believe each piece I create is an extension of the first quilt my mother taught me to stitch, and the first that my mother's mother taught her to stitch and so on. This is my history being passed on to you.

Thank you for stopping by. It means so much.

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Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear from you: secretholidayco@gmail.com