Handcrafted by Ashley Brown Durand in Western Massachusetts. 

I created the very first "It's OK" banner for myself, because I needed the reassurance. I was working multiple jobs at the time, and never seemed to have enough free time to bring all my ideas to fruition. I was looking at a lot of imagery from the Woman's Suffrage Movement, and was especially interested in the handwork involved behind the scenes. Not only were these women fighting for their (our) rights, but they were also creating every sash worn, every banner carried, by hand, one at a time. I was moved by that thought alone. The time spent stitching each letter on an object that would move people to think, to act. I knew I wanted to work with this idea somehow (I actually intended to make affirmation quilts). Very early into this project I stumbled upon a couple other artists using affirmations in wall hangings and I began to feel defeated before I even got started, even though their work was nothing like what I wanted to make. So I created the "It's OK" banner to remind myself to keep moving forward. To make my own work, my own way. That was in the summer of 2010. Nine years later, I’ve made over 7000 affirmation banners to help remind people all over the world to keep pushing forward, to be kind, to be brave.Thank you for stopping by. It means so much.

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